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Businesses only make one chance to make a first impression.

With so much of business functioning in the online world, the front page of that website is vital. At iForest, we use the latest in web page development to make sure the customer is impressed with the site. Using technology such as HTML5, the platform will remain inexhaustible. At iForest, we know that every project has its own unique requirements; however, every project starts at the beginning. At iForest, we want to know everything about your company. We want to know what kind of customers you want to attract. We want to know what your goals are. With this information, we can design a website that suits your needs perfectly. The only way to design a perfect website is to understand the company from every angle. We care about where you came from and where you want to go. At iForest, we use a flawless step by step process that will ensure your website is everything you dreamt it could be.


gambling sites

At iForest, we specialize in developing websites for gambling sites such as UniBet, that serves as a guide for online gambling in India, sirjackpot casino, gokkasten, Wunderino which is famous for their casino bonus and their guide for blackjack tabelle and +500 where you can read casino reviews and gratis gokkasten spelen.

time-tested process

All of our websites start at the beginning. Our 6 man team out of Malta has a time-tested process that guarantees success. We learn about your company, set goals for your website over the weeks, and define specifically what the outcome should be.

our team

Working with you, our team comes together to collectively provide input. Success depends on trust. This is why we provide you with regular updates and request your input every step of the way. You will receive updates from the same person at every point in time to ensure you are comfortable with what comes your way.

feedback and expertise

Your feedback and expertise on your business is the most important ingredient. Without truly understanding what you desire in your project, the website will never succeed. Collaboration is the most important ingredient.

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research design

Furthermore, the team working on your company’s web page will be guided by the latest in research. The research design is an essential ingredient to the success of your company and its website. There is a saying that knowing if half the battle. This couldn’t be truer. After all, it is impossible to find the best possible solution to a problem if all outcomes aren’t explored. Once all outcomes are explored, the best possible solution is chosen. To decide this, the team working with you will immerse itself completely in your business. The will learn through interviews, analysis, and observation. We will sit down with you and test different solutions for your customers. By tracking how your customers respond to various potential website designs, we can decide which version is best for your company.

our model

In addition, our model anticipates change and problems along the way.

By anticipating obstacles, we can either avoid them or find ways to go over them. This includes not just daily check-ins but regular sit-downs to ensure you are happy with the progress. Every project will have its problems and challenges along the way. How you respond to these challenges ultimately determines the outcome. With a team prepared to adapt to change, these obstacles are gradually transformed into progress both for your website and your company.

When the project is finished, the relationship does not end. We will continue to contact you regularly to make sure that the website is functioning smoothly. Furthermore, we encourage you and your company to reach out to us if there are any problems or adjustments that need to be made. Furthermore, if you want a completely new website for your next big project, we can help with that as well. If you simply want to grab drinks to celebrate, we’re happy to oblige in that regard too.


For those who are ready to take the leap with iForest, check below for a link to our project planner.

This has all of the information we need to get your company moving down our patented path. It contains vital information such as company name, location, and contact information along with a general overview of the project you are looking for. We can help both with website design and company branding. These each have their own needs, but each is equally important to us at iForest. See how we can take your company to the next level.