About Us

At iForest, we accept all challenges. No company gets turned away.

Web Design

Our web pages utilize the latest in interactive design. We have developed an impressive track record with the most extensive and visually stunning websites. This doesn’t mean our pages aren’t anchored in intelligent and logical format. We ensure that all of our designs have a clear vision that intertwines with the best technology.

Our websites all use HTML5 Web Development technology. This software has become the premier choice in web development today. The 5th iteration of HTML has been restructured in a way that eliminates all of its prior shortcomings. This new software has simplified coding for easy design. Furthermore, it does not require any plugins to function effectively.

search engine optimization

HTML5 has enhanced word directives that allow pages to be organized perfectly for search engine optimization. Its commands ensure your website shows up at the top of search results. It also comes with rich internet applications built in. This eliminates the need for annoying applications such as Adobe flash player. These built-in applications ensure strong communication between the website and the local computer system. Finally, HTML5 also provides the perfect platform for the intense audio and video elements that will set your website apart from the competition. No longer will users need an additional plugin to watch a YouTube video or listen to a song on a radio station. iForest will bring all of these benefits to your company’s web page.


Branding and Strategy

This is where our initial information gathering becomes essential. How do you see your business? How do your customers see your business? How do you want customers to see your business? Our expert team will make sure your website meets the answers to those questions head on. This will ensure your company is headed in the right direction with its new web page.

brand positioning

First of all, we focus on brand positioning. We know that you are the leader in the field; however, you need to make sure customers and potential casino visitors know that. There are certain strategies we can put to use that will bring your brand out from the shadows and place it in the spotlight. Using everything from keywords to color graphics, we can make sure the world is aware of your company’s excellence.


Next, we will work to develop your identity to match that brand. Regardless of whether your company is new on the scene or a company simply having an identity crisis, we can bring that long-term vision in perfect concert with that new brand. Let our graphics department tell that story with the finest audio and visual representation the world has ever seen. Furthermore, you’ll be shocked at how concisely we can get this done.


As the viewer navigates through these pages, the website experience and company environment need to fit with the company’s message. The way a customer navigates a website is how the customer navigates the company. As the company’s owner, you will work with us to make sure this experience is exactly how you want the customer to feel. A prolific brand with a matching identity considers the environment of the customer from start to finish. We have the tools necessary to make sure the tiniest of details in this experience are tailored to your desires.


unique design

Finally, we will make sure that even the most unusual of customers are attracted to your website. Whether you call it unique or original, we will make your website one of a kind. This will ensure that even the most unusual of customers flock to your company’s website. Furthermore, an original website is bound to be memorable. This is important in customer retention and for the growth of your business. Let our experts make sure the audience never forgets about this website.

Web and Application Development

The top notch in digital website development requires the latest technology to support the goals of the website. We have the best people and the best software to get any job done. We take every case individually to make each one unique.

For example, we will make sure that Apple likes your company’s web page. This will keep the door open for a possible mobile app for your company. With a diverse customer base out there, customers should be able to access and use or play games on your site from anywhere in the world. In addition, our team has experience working with the Android marketplace as well. Making sure that the standards for both of these companies are met will take your company to ever greater heights.


API integrations

Finally, our websites all use API integrations. This will allow you to access the data behind your site to tailor your company’s products and services to match the needs of your customers. Only through this information can you take your company to the next level.