Client Testimonials

“Our company was suffering from a wildly outdated web page. It was turning people off before they even reached out to us. The team at iForest uses a completely unique collaborative process. There were so many people working on my project I never dreamed I would receive so many resources. Their creative direction and marketing genius completely took my company to the next level. Any expectations we had were blown away. The moving graphics, attractive colors, and quality description completely changed my business immediately. Customers were remarking constantly on the new web page I almost forgot that there was a business behind it. I never imagined that a website could be so important to a company, but without this website, our company would still be stuck in a rut,” -ComeOn

“When we reached out to iForest, we were in the midst of an identity crisis. We recently had a major turnover in leadership positions in an attempt to reach a younger audience. We needed iForest to help us redefine our brand. iForest didn’t just help us find a new brand. They helped us completely redefine our image. This was essential to attracting new customers. Now, we constantly have visitors commenting on how much they love our website design. The entire vision of the company is built off of this website and the tenants it demonstrates to our customers. We had certain expectations for the new website, but iForest completely exceeded them. We couldn’t be happier with the result.” -Casumo

“I had a fledgling business idea and iForest helped me create the perfect website to attract the exact attention I needed. My old website was so simple and bland that nobody wanted anything to do with our company. The team has a perfect mix of creative brains and logical people. This ensures that the company has the flashy audio and video graphics while also being laid out in a logical and easy to follow manner. When I first met with them to discuss my needs, I was shocked by how easy these people were to talk to. They took something very complex and explained it in a way I could easily understand. I was very impressed with what they were able to get the site to do.” -7red Casino

“From my first conversation with iForest, I was blown away by their optimism. I presented them with an enormous project and they were more than willing to make sure our needs were taken care of. They even brought the website in under budget. While I always imagined my company as being tough to work with, iForest was somehow able to stick with us throughout the entire process. Even when our needs changed at the last minute, they worked tirelessly to get every aspect of the job completed perfectly. I can never thank them enough for what they’ve done. They didn’t just resolve our issues. iForest saved our company.” -Amsterdam Casino

“I know how valuable a website can be when it comes to generating business. This is why I looked at dozens of website developers all over the country. Ultimately, I settled on iForest because they projected both confidence and comfort. They reeled me in with their website pitch and made me feel safe every step of the way. Throughout the process, I didn’t have to ask them once for answers. My point person was the same from start to finish. They set a high bar with their description of what they could produce and they delivered. In the end, the finished product is far superior to anything I had in mind. I had a fantastic experience working with them and would hire this group again in a heartbeat.” -Mr. Green